Twelve Upon a Time… September: The Underground Adventure, Bedside Story Collection Series (Excerpt)


Mallory drew the number 3. It was Megan’sTwelve Upon A Time September-full cover-flattened-72
turn to draw the number from the tree
box. She did so and read the number with
somewhat a sour face. Megan drew the  number 4. With that disclosure, Mallory
hopped on the first rung of the ladder and  bounced up the steps into the tree house.   Megan was not far behind and, in fact, if you
did not know there were two girls, you would  think there was only one.

As the girls entered the tree house, they  almost stepped on what Vinnie, Minnie,   Sabatah and Platingo created for them. In
front of the two sisters lay a breakfast fit for a queen and king. There were large pieces of bark for plates and leaves for napkins.
Flowers of all kind were arranged in the center of the floor between the two plates.

For each sister, Vinnie, Minnie, Sabatah and Platingo created a dish of nature, including nuts, berries and fruits of strawberry and cherry. Megan and Mallory smelled the flowers left for them and then quickly gobbled up their treats. Mallory and Megan rubbed their stomachs with smiles on their faces. They climbed down the ladder to find their thoughtful friends.

The sisters did not have to go far as Vinnie,  Minnie, Sabatah and Platingo were anxiously  waiting near the tree house. Megan and
Mallory cuddled each of their animal friends  and thanked them over and over again.   The sisters’ mother called the girls into the
house. Mallory and Megan said a temporary  “goodbye” to their friends and ran into the  house. Now, it was Vinnie’s chance to tell
Sabatah and Platingo what Minnie and he  were planning.