Bedtime Story Collection Series – “July: Furly and Kurly Color the Flag” (EXCERPT)

July Image
“To Betsy, My Babe…Love, George W.”

In each corner of the garden were clearly  displayed, American flags that proudly wave.   The stars and stripes, the red, white and  blue, all for everybody to see in open view.
Sarah, Melissa and their parents spend a  lot of time tending their garden for they have a bevy of veggies and more veggies and  veggies. That’s how their garden does grow.


Mom, dad, Melissa and Sarah each have their
part to keep their garden looking smart.
Melissa the eldest weeded around the veggies
as Sarah the youngest watered the little
sprouts. Mom and dad did all the rest to keep
the garden looking its best.

One hot, summer day after Melissa had
weeded and Sarah had watered, the girls lay
down to take a rest. They talked excitedly
about the upcoming parade and fireworks.
Sarah and Melissa loved the colors and
excitement of fireworks. The longer they
talked, the more tired they grew. The breeze
through the garden ruffled the veggies as the
girls fell asleep near the embarrassed beets.

As the sleep relaxed the girls, they began
to dream. Moreover, that special bond
between the sisters caused their dreams to be
one and the same. Sarah and Melissa arrived
in a midst of clouds in the year 1776. They
were dressed in the fashion of the time and
found themselves at the home of Betsy Ross.

Now, Betsy Ross as you know was the American seamstress who to George Washington’s design was said to have made the first flag of the United States. Melissa and Sarah knocked on the door. Betsy Ross greeted them with a grandmotherly smile and beckoned them to enter.