BEDSIDE STORY COLLECTION SERIES – June: Memories in Five Balloons (Excerpt)

fathers day

The children readied themselves and then
retrieved their hot air balloons from the
basement. Their mother completed her morning
routine in turn and brought up her bright
orange balloon. Carrie and Reni stood on either side of their mother with their purple and pink balloons. John and Kelsey stood
across from their mother and sisters with their navy blue and turquoise painted balloons.

The first duty at hand was for each to check their hot air balloons to ensure that the messages and gifts were attached securely to the baskets of each balloon. Next, each balloon was filled with helium and tied off at the base. Typically, hot air balloons are driven by, well, er, hot air. However, without a pilot, there was no effective manner to dispense hot air effectively. Jan learned years ago that helium-filled balloons worked just as well. Helium also was released slowly over time, which allowed for the balloons to eventually drift back to earth in various parts of the country.