BEDSIDE STORY COLLECTION SERIES – May: The Mother’s Day Surprise (Excerpt)


While Stephanie, Jordan, Alfonso and
Squeaky were all busy in the house, Rockie  and Bianca stood guard outside. They paced back and forth in the front yard near the driveway where they would easily see the  children’s parents arrive. They were as vigil as can be, as they know how important their task was in helping Jordan and Stephanie with  their plans.

With the streamers and balloons in place,  the “Happy Mother’s Day” banner was next.   Stephanie and Jordan were particularly proud  of the Mother’s Day banner as they worked on
it for several weeks whenever their mother left the house for a meeting or visit with a friend.  Stephanie, who was particularly artistic, drew a favorable caricature of her mother on the banner. Even Jordan had to compliment his sister on her drawing; complimenting his sister is something that Jordan tried to avoid!

Stephanie and Jordan finished hanging the  banner in the center of the wall. They stood  for a moment admiring their work when
Alfonso came down once again to announce…