BEDSIDE STORY COLLECTION SERIES – April: The Great Festival of Rabbunia (Excerpt)


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The Rabbunians  ere Very egg-cited this  year. For you see, the Great Festival is  celebrated only once every 50 years and it  has been a long 50 years since the last Great Festival.  The Great Festival is a celebration of everything that is good. The inhabitants of Rabbunia choose the time of the Great Festival to welcome outsiders to their land to witness their jubilee.

For this 50th anniversary of their half-century Great Festival, the Rabbunians invited Adam, Sarah and Sharon.  They promised to invite baby Hannah to their next Great Festival; for now, she was too young. The official Rabbunian invitations for Sharon, Adam and Sarah were enclosed. The Rabbunian invitation warned them to
be sure not to lose the invitations.

There was a map and directions to Rabbunia on the backside. They also will need to present the invitations to the border guard. The border guard protected the entrance to the land of Rabbunia. She will not let anyone into her country without an official invitation from the Chief Hare and Hareness of Rabbunia.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that rabbits were the only inhabitants of Rabbunia? I don’t know how that could have slipped my mind until now. Well Sarah, Adam and Sharon,  wrinkle your noseies, wiggle your earsies and grab your lucky footsies because you cannot
enter the land of Rabbunia unless you are a rabbit…