BEDSIDE STORY COLLECTION SERIES – March: Goggy and His Pot of Gold (Excerpt)


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Zachary, Michael and Nathan had a way to  catch the leprechaun, but just how fast can  leprechauns run? They did not know the
answer to that question, but they were soon to find out. Nathan, Zachary and Michael thought about trying to sneak-up on the leprechaun, but the leprechaun began running.  They looked briefly at each other and then did the same.

They ran and ran and ran. And after  stopping to take some deep breaths, they ran  some more. Zachary, Michael and Nathan
ran over yon hill and yon dale. They  sometimes fell down yon dale and helped each  other up yon hill. They got tired and then
“yawned” some more! Each time that Nathan,  Michael and Zachary came close to the  leprechaun, he pulled away and smiled  impishly.

Leprechauns, however, being real short  have to run faster than human beans to stay  ahead of them. As the leprechaun ran,
Zachary, Michael and Nathan noticed that he  was becoming very tired. They were now  gaining on him. Michael, Nathan and Zachary
kept running and running. They were  breathing hard and their lungs ached, but  they were determined to catch the leprechaun and his dream! So they kept running and running.

Soon they were close behind him. The leprechaun could no longer keep his pace. He was breathing so hard that his green  skin was turning pale yellow. He was dropping  pieces of gold as he ran, not to mention his  green shoes, green socks, green shorts and  green underwear (I told you not to mention  that!). The leprechaun seemed to be at the  end of his rope, er, at least his clothes!  Zachary, Nathan and Michael saw their  chance. As the leprechaun slowed his pace…

Midwest Book Review
Children’s Bookwatch
Volume 22, Number 10 October 2012
Midwest Book Review

“Every month brings us a new story for our lives. “Twelve Upon a Time…” is a collection of twelve picturebook stories from Edward Galluzzi as he presents stories illustrated by children all throughout the story. A story for every month, “Twelve Upon a Time” is worth considering for readers who are seeking a storybook to bring them a good variety of tales, recommended.”