BEDSIDE STORY COLLECTION SERIES – February: Surprised by a Secret Admirer (Excerpt)


It was now the morning of the fourth day
leaving three mornings left until alentine’s Day. Like every morning this week, Kayla ran out the door barely able to speak. Out the front door she quickly walked and went to the gnome whose head she did pop. As before and without surprise, Kayla read this note from inside:

We’re halfway to Valentine’s Day
But please don’t you cry;
For still headed your way
Is another big surprise!

Kayla found another map with directions that started at the gazebo in their backyard.  She loved the gazebo, which was painted
yellow and white. Flowers of every color grew by its side. Birds, squirrels and chipmunks played all around the gazebo.  Kayla arrived at the gazebo as birds and animals moved away. The directions told her to…

Screech the dinosaur arrives in the BEDSIDE STORY COLLECTION SERIES – “January: Bronto’s Visitors from Another Time”


…Their parents looked on believing that their daughters could tame just about anything.  As that thought hung in the air, a loud, angry, screeching cry was heard coming from the lake by the trees. Even Bronto appeared unnerved
by the wail. Amanda, Donja and their parents
headed toward the safety of the cave.
Once in the cave, Amanda and her family
peered out of the opening. Although the
screeching cries grew louder, they did not see
anything. They expected that something quite
large was heading their way. Yet, they heard
everything and saw nothing.

The cries grew louder. Donja and Amanda
soon spotted a small lizard-like dinosaur
coming toward them. It was no taller than
their knees, but it sure was loud. It was a
rather silly looking dinosaur. It had large green
eyes, a bump in the middle of its forehead,
two noses, wide floppy ears and long thin tail.
Bronto returned near the cave entrance to see
what all the fuss was about. The lizard-like
dinosaur stopped near the entrance of the
cave, but kept screeching like a pig squealing
in the mud.

Amanda and Donja did not know how to
talk to Screecher (that’s what they named it).
It just kept walking in a circle and screeching.
Then Donja noticed a limp in its walk. She
moved slowly toward Screecher, stopping for a
few minutes after each step so as not to scare
the little dinosaur away. Amanda looked on as
Donja stopped right in front of Screecher. The
dinosaur seemed calmed by Donja’s presence
and gradually stopped its chatter. Donja sat on
the ground and was now eyeball-to-eyeball
with Screecher. It stared at Donja for a
moment; then, as if satisfied that she was no