Narration of Bedside Story Collection Series Video Book Trailer

Bedside Story Collection Series Video Book Trailer on CCB  Publishing YouTube Channel

Twelve Upon A Time… Bedside Story Collection Series

July 26, 2015

Kathy Poelker
Voice Jungle

Dear Kathy,

I want to take a moment to thank you for the narration that you created for my “Bedside Story Collection Series” video book trailer.  You went beyond my expectations with the advisory phone contacts and  by providing me multiple professional narrations, which vary in inflection, tempo and emotion.  Your narrations are all very good and gave me the opportunity to choose just what I wanted for my book trailer.  Your voice over narration provides the perfect aural ambiance to accompany my visual presentation.

Please feel free to use my video book trailer as a sample of your professional work.

Best Regards,
Edward Galluzzi
“Bedside Story Collection Series”


Twelve Upon a Time… August: The Yad Gnihton Taerg on the Mirror Planet, Bedside Story Collection Series


This is the eighth book in a 12 book Bedside Story Collection Series spanning across the 12 months of the year. Each of the 12 bedside stories is reprinted in color from the author’s black and white third edition book Twelve Upon A Time. Each monthly story is unique and illustrated by the original drawings of children whose interpretation of the words can only be seen through their eyes.

This August bedside story is entitled The “Yad Gnihton Taerg” on the Mirror Planet that celebrates the “Yad Gnihton Taerg” on the mirror planet Tenalp in the central city of Rorrim, a celebration that occurs just once every 500 years.

This August bedside story and all the stories are written to further the imagination of children and to strengthen the parent and child bond through the sharing of heartwarming, silly, absurd and believably impossible tales.

Watch for September’s bedside collection story The Underground Adventure that shares the heartwarming story about animal friends who want to make the end of summer a special one for their human friends before going back to school.