“Beginnings” – Biographies & Memoirs by Edward Galluzzi

Beginnings - Edward Galluzzi
Available in paperback and eBook

Beginnings is based on the lives of Greg and his girlfriend Charly that propels the reader on an emotional roller coaster, as events unfold in their lives, including the more absurd and humorous aspects of life. Beginnings traverses the singledom lives of Greg and Charly and bring them together. The global benchmarks that help define them and a people unfold for each decade of their lives. We all encounter collectively many beginnings and beginnings of the end. We share them for they are part of what we call the human condition.

Greg and Charly experience many beginnings and beginnings of the end—some predictable, some unexpected. Some beginnings are critical moments in our lives as they forever change us for better or worse—they bring us together or tear us apart. They are intimately tied to human relationships as they strengthen or weaken the stuff that binds us. The beginnings that impact on Greg and Charly unfold in the pages to come. Yet, these are not necessarily unique experiences and readers will relate to their own beginnings and beginnings of the end.

For my slice of life, the decades span from the 1950s to 2000.  Prior to that period, my parents became part of the melting pot of life in these United States.  The melting pot of Americanism does not exist any more.  It has given way to a sort of sectarianism, where Americanism has become limited in character, spirit and  scope.