“Side-Stepping the Rules: Broken or Not” – Humor and Entertainment

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“Side-Stepping the Rules:  Broken or Not” provides the gift of laughter from the male perspective as it offers men childish ways for escaping the clutches of the woman who thinks she is Mrs. Right.  Quite by accident, it offers women time-tested strategies how to snag their man.

First was “The Rules:  Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right” by Fein and Schneider (Warner Books).  Several years later the parody book, “Breaking the Rules:  Last-ditch Tactics for Landing the Man of Your Dreams” by Banks and Barber (Career Press).  As a parody, it offered, “All rules are made to be broken.”

Now it’s time for the sensitive man’s point of view in this parody of a parody, “Side-Stepping the Rules:  Broken or Not.”  Side-Stepping the Rules:  Broken or Not offers men childish ways for escaping the clutches of the woman, even a RB (Rule Breakin’) woman, who thinks she is Mrs. Right.

Side-Stepping the Rules:  Broken or Not provides the sensitive male with 11 manifestos as countermeasures to the wiles of RB women.  No worries mate!  If you fail to apply successfully the first manifesto, you still have 10 more chances to fight off those pesky RB women.  Even if you are unsuccessful with the first 10 manifestos, the final manifesto, “Sell your house and blend invisibly with the homeless,” still provides you—the most pitiful representation of mankind—a way out.

“Bedside Story Collection Series” – Strengthen Family Bonding Through Reading

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Twelve Upon a Time: Bedside Story Collection Series’ Provides Entire Year of Child & Parent Enjoyment and Bonding

Sample Images Bedside Story Collection Series

Twelve Upon A Time… Bedside Story Collection Series

The “Bedside Story Collection Series” is 12 colored printed and e-books (kindle) that span across the 12 months of the year. Each monthly story is unique and illustrated by the original drawings of children whose interpretation of the words can only be seen through their eyes. These stories are written to further the imagination of children and to strengthen the parent and child bond through the sharing of heartwarming, silly, absurd and believably impossible tales.  The Bedside Story Collection Series invites parents and children to sit back, relax and cuddle up in that special place in their home, as they enjoy the adventures that unfold one month at a time for an entire year in Twelve Upon A Time…

Short description of the 12 books of the Bedside Story Collection Series… So sit back and relax with your children and cuddle up in that special place in your home as you enjoy the adventures that unfold one month at a time for a whole year in Twelve Upon A Time…

January:  Bronto’s Visitors from Another Time follows the adventures of a family back to the time of prehistoric dinosaurs and their search for the time portal that began their misadventure on New Year’s Eve.

February:  Surprised by a Secret Admirer explores the growing friendship between two children and their special celebration of Valentine’s Day.

March:  Goggy and His Pot of Gold unfolds in the legendary country of Iarland in the town of Glocky Nora where children search for a leprechaun and his pot of gold.

April:  The Great Festival of Rabbunia follows the adventures of children to the mythical land of Rabbunia where they celebrate the Great Festival with the inhabitants of Rabbunia.

May:  The Mother’s Day Surprise tells the story of how children and animals strive to surprise a special mom on Mother’s Day.

June:  Memories in Five Balloons is a story of how a family survives with the death of their father and how they keep alive his memories each Father’s Day.

July:  Furly and Kurly Color the Flag celebrates the birth of our country by visiting the woman who knitted our flag on our first birthday.

August:  The “Yad Gnihton Taerg” on the Mirror Planet celebrates the “Yad Gnihton Taerg” on the mirror planet Tenalp in the central city of Rorrim, a celebration that occurs just once every 500 years.

September:  The Underground Adventure shares the heartwarming story about animal friends who want to make the end of summer a special one for their human friends before going back to school.

October:  Trick or Treat with Bitty the Bat looks at the tradition of Halloween through the eyes of creature friends.

November:  ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving… is a Thanksgiving story that unfolds in rhyme.

December:  The Magical Cane to Christmas’ Journey celebrates the warmth of the holiday season with a family whose children share the Christmas’ past of their parents through the magic and wonder of a special candy cane.

“Beginnings” – Biographies & Memoirs by Edward Galluzzi

Beginnings - Edward Galluzzi
Available in paperback and eBook

Beginnings is based on the lives of Greg and his girlfriend Charly that propels the reader on an emotional roller coaster, as events unfold in their lives, including the more absurd and humorous aspects of life. Beginnings traverses the singledom lives of Greg and Charly and bring them together. The global benchmarks that help define them and a people unfold for each decade of their lives. We all encounter collectively many beginnings and beginnings of the end. We share them for they are part of what we call the human condition.

Greg and Charly experience many beginnings and beginnings of the end—some predictable, some unexpected. Some beginnings are critical moments in our lives as they forever change us for better or worse—they bring us together or tear us apart. They are intimately tied to human relationships as they strengthen or weaken the stuff that binds us. The beginnings that impact on Greg and Charly unfold in the pages to come. Yet, these are not necessarily unique experiences and readers will relate to their own beginnings and beginnings of the end.

For my slice of life, the decades span from the 1950s to 2000.  Prior to that period, my parents became part of the melting pot of life in these United States.  The melting pot of Americanism does not exist any more.  It has given way to a sort of sectarianism, where Americanism has become limited in character, spirit and  scope.

“Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.” – Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C. Video Book Trailer with Excerpt – by Edward Galluzzi

Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.
Available in paperback and eBook

Writing “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.” seemed simple enough at the start.   You describe an event in American history that almost every citizen can see coming from a mile away:  the electiion of the first woman President of the United States.

Initially, my inspiration in writing “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.” was (1) the belief that the event of nominating the first woman president of the United States would soon be upon us; and (2) it was long overdue given the state of affairs in Washington DC and the rest of the world shaped by men during my period of time on this earth.

However, I did not want to write solely a political novel.  Over the period of a year, I was intrigued by elements of mystery, suspense and romance, with a little humor thrown in on the side to seduce the reader in the story.  I think I am a frustrated comedian at heart.

So, we have somebody whose role as President of the United States is complicated more than enough without the added political stress of being the first woman elected to this high office in America.  She is delighting her supporters and converting readily her critics when she goes missing while attending a fundraiser.  The unfolding plot is a matter of survival —not only personal survival, but also hanging in the balance is the endurance of the Presidency and democracy in America.

Throughout my writing, many of the names, numbers, signs, etc. have a personal connection to me.  Relationships in the novel are as important to the story as the plot.  The president, the special agents,the lady in waiting, the supreme bishop in Rome, the hunter and the hunted–and of course, the intrusion of the evil doers whodrive events with the potential for great tragedy and destruction.

The reader will become emotionally involved with the main characters through not only their interactions with each other, but the events that propel the main characters.  It is these events that supply the mystery, suspense and romance  in “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.”  Plot twists and turns are important in writing this kind of novel, and there are enough of them to satisfy even the most passionate reader with the final twist arriving late in the book.  You can try to imagine  the outcome, but those who have read my novel told me they did not expect what actually occurs in  “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.”

So, kick back and relax if you can as you bury yourself in “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.”  I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the write.

Best regards, Ed